I have been using PFM

I use PFM3 as one of my current fountain pens – “Pen For Men III” with italics nib it is quite a big fountain pen but very nice to use (I am not a fan of oversized pens). Why this model? Simple: I like black pens mainly because of their elegant look, with a dark grey suit and a black notebook, it is a great looking workhorse, and with a watch on a black strap the pen is like integral item or jewlery.


PFM was  introducted in 1959 and completed Sheaffer’s “His and Hers collection”. The PFM fountain pen incorporated Sheaffer’s exclusive snorkel clean filling system: newly styled inlaid nib unit which was advertised as being built to withstand man sized pressure. The cap fitted with the new loss proof clip with inner spring action, which was designed to grip any thickness of fabric. The collection had five levels in five colours which were numbered I, II, II, IV and V.


In recent years’ larger pens have become more popular, and Sheaffer has released a new version of the old PFM, the Legacy.