I like Conway Stewart…

True, on daily basis I am using CS 58, 27, the shape of almost all CS is just what feels great in my hand. I am so serious about this, I decided to get rid with other fountain pens, pencils and ballpoints. Well, I an leaving maybe about 60 other pens, I want to (I was forced by my lady 🙂 ) to shrink collection to amount I could use at least once a year. I like to look at fountain pens, to appreciate their look, but dos important is to me that they all work and all of them are ready to use.

IMAG0217 IMAG0218

The biggest problem is my study, is very small. Hopefully this will change in the middle of the year, we will see :). For now I have to manage.

The best resource about Conway Stewart pens is The Book Of Numbers by Jonathan Donahaye, this my first place to learn about CS.


One thought on “I like Conway Stewart…

  1. This Red Vulcanite and Mottled Vulcanite Duro Pens are verry attractive. If your lady push you once to shrink your collection again please let me know 😉

    Best Regards

    Georgios Cesare

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