First and foremost, I am not a professional pen dealer so I do not make a living from the sale of pens.  This whole thing is only a hobby to me.

My name is Alex, I am IT guy who loves history and small collectables, mostly pens :), fanatic who likes auctions to much – as my family tell me. I work for Backup Data Ltd in Cambridge –

Almost all the pens I list on Ebay are vintage, but of course some of them are not, as you can see 🙂 and unless stated otherwise will come in working condition –> EBAY LINK That means you can ink it, and start writing with it as soon as it arrives to you.

I am not a Nib Master, or expert repairman, but most pens (or other items) I list unless stated otherwise will be fully functional upon arrival to you.

To fund my addiction, I reluctantly have to sell on some of what I buy.

Of course I still learn how to restore old items; pens and others. I will include specifics of items or parts I am looking for to get restored other pens.

For your questions please use below contact form:

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