The history of the Zenith 7 pen

The legendary Zenith 7 pens, which she knew all of Poland (and knows to this day), were inspired by the American Parker. They are almost identical, and all because in Poland, patented was only the silver part of the pen, which is used to hook him up with a card or pocket. Learn the history of the Polish pen, which was born in a factory producing fountain pens.

Finally, the decision was made to produce a Zenith 7 pen, before the 6th Congress of the PZPR party. The work on the pen was started in 1969 in Częstochowa’s Office Materials Factory. And for the work on the design of the pen, a few engineers and technicians who did it, even got a reward. We already know that Zenith was almost a perfect copy of the American Parker, if we look at the logo of the Polish company, it is similar to Parker. To produce pen pens, the production of brass tubes began with the help of the armaments industry. Unfortunately, it was not possible to produce globules for ink collection, which is why they were imported from Switzerland. The national INCO ink was also insufficiently good enough to become part of the Zenith pen and the decision was made to bring the ink from Germany. The cartridges were also available separately from pens. Mainly because you do not want to buy the whole mechanism, but only a contribution if the previous one is written out. They were known under the name Zenith 4.


Zenith 7 was ready for production as early as 1971, but it was not until 1975 that it was patented. The outer casing of the pen had grooves in the upper part sothat the pen could not slip in the hand as you type. The pen in an attractive way, at that time, glowed thanks to the nickel-plated and chrome-plated brass. The part of the cover, which was made of plastic, was mostly in blue and the pen was sold in an elegant box that was perfect for a gift and added seriousness and respect to the officials who had it on their desk. After some time, the box was constructed in such a way that it was possible to turn the top lid in a way that enabled an attractive presentation of the pen.

The factory planned to release about 300,000 copies of the pen on the market within one year. It was thought to be a response to the needs of Zenith’s customers and pen users.

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